Thursday, April 13, 2017

3 Ways To Be A Professional Photographer

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be a professional photographer? These 3 steps will help you achieve your goals. Just follow step by step and you'll be on your way to a professional photography career.
Today we will be learning about every aspect of photography and how to create awesome photos. Always remember that learning photography can be easy, you just have to take your time and keep on perfecting.

  1. Know your camera
When you become a photographer you need to know every aspect of your camera. For a beginner, knowing your camera might be tough, so you really have to pay attention to the steps.
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   2. Pretend you know what you’re doing

When you become a professional photographer you have to know what you’re doing, and if you don’t, just pretend. All you have to know is how to use your camera, and how to take a simple snapshot. The real deal is when you put filters to the task. Before you take the photo make sure you know what you want your subject to be, after that check the lighting. Contrast is a must. The contrast in your subject is what most people will focus on, which is what you want. Take as many photos as you need to, to find the perfect one. After that you want to bring your photo into Photoshop, if you have it, or into a photo filter app. Then just mess around with all of the filters until you find one you like.

    3. Social Media?

After you have your finished photo, upload it to your favorite social media website or your blog! Show off the work you’re proud of to the entire world! Maybe one day you’ll be mistaken for a professional photographer!


  1. I like number two, the pretend you know what you are doing. I feel that most people don't take picture because they think they have no idea what they are doing. But you just reassured people that they don't have to know as long as they are good at pretending. Also, the know your camera is a very good tip as well. I feel that to be good at something you really have to know the tool that you are using. I can really tell that you know a lot about what you are talking about and that you are very passionate about it. Keep up the good work! I enjoy your posts!

  2. I liked the 3 ways to be a professional photographer clickbait, and that you kept it simple is nice. I agree with the knowing your camera well, and publishing your photos so that they can be seen and enjoyed, but the idea behind being a professional is getting paid to do this. I would suggest a number four to be, educating yourself by taking classes, reading books, getting to know other photographers and learning more about the profession. I really enjoyed this article.

  3. A very slim and informative step guide for beginners that are just playing with photo taking curiosities. I agree with Becca about step two, it really does set an ease for fresh photographers that definitely lowers the competitive feel bar. Writing wise, you were simple and made it clear that this step by step is not a technical nor intuitive lesson. Instead, as said previously, it was to alleviate a beginners mind. Seeing you build your blog from simple to increasingly more complex is what I will be anticipating. I enjoy your laid back style and to end it off remember to make all text colors coordinated the same.

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