Sunday, March 12, 2017

**Canon Rebel t5i

I first heard about the Canon Rebel t5i when it was my 16th birthday. That was the last present I opened and I fell in love immediately. This is a great product to buy because of all of the features it includes. The bundle comes with the camera body, two lenses, one for close ups and one for far away shots, a camera case that fits all of the equipment, and much more.

This camera has an 18.0 megapixel sensor and a wide range ISO setting. For those who don't know, ISO measures the sensitivity of the photo taken. There is a telephoto lense and has amazing zoom settings. The screen also slides out and can be flipped about. The camera is also touch screen for those who are tech savvy.      

This camera provides smooth looking photos. It has a great shutter speed and many different settings. Some settings include sports, the flower setting which helps with up close photos, and many more.

I recommend the Canon Rebel t5i to anyone who loves photography, even beginners. It is very easy to learn to use and is great for any occasion. I use mine for landscape and even portrait photography. I get clear, clean looking photos that I can share and enjoy with my family and friends.

The price of this camera can range from $600-$800. Prices range depending on the bundle that you wish to buy. I know that seems like it is expensive but if you look at the link I inserted, you can see why this camera is the price it is. It comes with the many cool features and all of the equipment.


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