Friday, March 31, 2017

***Introduction to Photography!

For my self selected response I chose a video I found on Youtube that talks about photography for beginners. I think this is a great video because the host, by the name Shameless Maya, really breaks down her content so anyone could understand it, even if they know nothing about the first steps of photography.

This video explains topics such as ISO which is how you can measure the sensitivity of the photo being taken. In other words, the lower the ISO number is, the less sensitive the photo will be to light and the finer the picture will be taken. She also explains aperture which is how much light will touch the photo. She talks about depth the field which is the distance between the object at hand and the object furthest away, for example a glass cup in the front of the picture and another glass cup in the background. The background would be blurry unless you change the settings then the glass cup would be blurry and the background would be clear.

I recommend this channel because she has a playlist of just technical products from cameras to microphones and over to learning how to film. She is very patient with teaching her audience and I think that is great for people who like to take time to learn. For me, I personally like taking my time to learn things about my camera because then I will know how to do it in the future and I could also teach others how to make their way around.


  1. I really enjoy the choice of the article and how well it is explained through your own blog.I especially like how broad the original video maker is so she has a larger audience to work with.I hope to see more of these types of blogs in the future.

  2. Thank you!I also like how she is broad because then it is easier for beginners or even people who don't know anything about photography to understand what she is talking about.