Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Has Photography Killed Itself?

As I read the title of this article I automatically clicked with it. The article is “In making photography accessible to all, photography inadvertently killed itself”. The title clicked with me because it's like saying since everybody in today's society has full access to be a photography, it killed itself because of how there can't really be any “new” unique photographers because it's almost like everyone is the same. There are some really unique individuals out there but it takes a lot to notice them because of all of the new updated photographers.
Camera companies aren't doing so well in sales because of how cell phones are having camera that could do just as well as a normal advanced camera could. It also talks about how there really isn't a point in going to school to learn photography because all of it is now updated and anyone can learn anything by just going online and looking it up, a lot of people just don't see a point in going to school for it.

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