Friday, March 31, 2017

***Introduction to Photography!

For my self selected response I chose a video I found on Youtube that talks about photography for beginners. I think this is a great video because the host, by the name Shameless Maya, really breaks down her content so anyone could understand it, even if they know nothing about the first steps of photography.

This video explains topics such as ISO which is how you can measure the sensitivity of the photo being taken. In other words, the lower the ISO number is, the less sensitive the photo will be to light and the finer the picture will be taken. She also explains aperture which is how much light will touch the photo. She talks about depth the field which is the distance between the object at hand and the object furthest away, for example a glass cup in the front of the picture and another glass cup in the background. The background would be blurry unless you change the settings then the glass cup would be blurry and the background would be clear.

I recommend this channel because she has a playlist of just technical products from cameras to microphones and over to learning how to film. She is very patient with teaching her audience and I think that is great for people who like to take time to learn. For me, I personally like taking my time to learn things about my camera because then I will know how to do it in the future and I could also teach others how to make their way around.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Has Photography Killed Itself?

As I read the title of this article I automatically clicked with it. The article is “In making photography accessible to all, photography inadvertently killed itself”. The title clicked with me because it's like saying since everybody in today's society has full access to be a photography, it killed itself because of how there can't really be any “new” unique photographers because it's almost like everyone is the same. There are some really unique individuals out there but it takes a lot to notice them because of all of the new updated photographers.
Camera companies aren't doing so well in sales because of how cell phones are having camera that could do just as well as a normal advanced camera could. It also talks about how there really isn't a point in going to school to learn photography because all of it is now updated and anyone can learn anything by just going online and looking it up, a lot of people just don't see a point in going to school for it.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

photography-rules.jpgThe infographic I chose explains all of the rules of photography. To explain a few: Rule of Thirds is when you take a photo but the subject is on the side of the screen. Creating the rule of thirds. Symmetry is when the subject is exactly the same as the next, or if the photo is same on both sides, and patterns is pretty obvious, when there are patterns in your photography.

**Canon Rebel t5i

I first heard about the Canon Rebel t5i when it was my 16th birthday. That was the last present I opened and I fell in love immediately. This is a great product to buy because of all of the features it includes. The bundle comes with the camera body, two lenses, one for close ups and one for far away shots, a camera case that fits all of the equipment, and much more.

This camera has an 18.0 megapixel sensor and a wide range ISO setting. For those who don't know, ISO measures the sensitivity of the photo taken. There is a telephoto lense and has amazing zoom settings. The screen also slides out and can be flipped about. The camera is also touch screen for those who are tech savvy.      

This camera provides smooth looking photos. It has a great shutter speed and many different settings. Some settings include sports, the flower setting which helps with up close photos, and many more.

I recommend the Canon Rebel t5i to anyone who loves photography, even beginners. It is very easy to learn to use and is great for any occasion. I use mine for landscape and even portrait photography. I get clear, clean looking photos that I can share and enjoy with my family and friends.

The price of this camera can range from $600-$800. Prices range depending on the bundle that you wish to buy. I know that seems like it is expensive but if you look at the link I inserted, you can see why this camera is the price it is. It comes with the many cool features and all of the equipment.