Friday, February 10, 2017

**How To Defy Gravity

Recently I started a new type of photography called Levitation. First I get my equipment consisting of my camera and my tripod. I put my camera on my tripod and make sure it's completely still because when you take the photos you have to have two or more and it needs to be completely still. I start by having my model sit on a stool and take one picture then have her and the stool completely out of frame as I take another. I then go into Photoshop and lay the two photos on top of each other. I then go to layer mask then click "reveal all". After that I go to the paintbrush tool and make sure it's black so I can eraser the stool. Once that is done you have your levitation photo.


  1. Iv'e always wondered how photographers create that levitation illusion and you really explained how it works. I definitely want to try this out but will probably get stuck in your photoshop program with the "reveal all" and the paintbrush steps. I enjoy learning about these things so keep writing!

  2. Thank you! I do agree Photoshop is a little tricky and I'm thinking about doing a video tutorial on how to do this project, and many others. Thank you for giving me that idea!