Monday, December 12, 2016

For my self selected response, I chose a short article about a young photographer who goes by the name Harley Weir. She is 28 and takes photos that help show the emotions. Weir started posting her photos to her Flickr account then went on to a Tumblr account, from there a person from a magazine contacted her and asked her to shoot a fashion shoot. I won't get into detail with the article but I will have my response on some of her photos that will be posted.

This one is called "Homes, November 2016". I like this one because to me it is put together in an interesting way. I like how she stuck to the 'bathroom supplies' type of feel with the tooth paste and tooth brushes. I also like how the string are there and aren't completely aligned with each other.

I chose this photo because I like the light to dark transition. I like how the model is a lighter color than the background and how it isn't a natural skin tone. I also like how the back ground is just the dark color and nothing else.

I really enjoy this photo because of how the subject isn't blurred like the back ground is, meaning the man is the subject of the photo itself. I like how the background is blurred and is sort of different shapes, It looks like clouds that were deformed to me.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Passion Blog

           My biggest pet peeve about photography is when people say it inst an art. It is in fact an art. The time and dedication it takes to find the one photo that you truly like is hard. Its not just about pointing your camera and snapping the photo. First the photographer has to find the perfect spot and that could take hours, then they have to set everything up and that takes a lot of work, after that they need to position the camera to where they want the photo to be taken. once the photo is taken they photographer, depending on how they choose to do so, take the photo into Photoshop and have to maybe change lighting, or the curves and levels. To be able to do that the person has to know Photoshop and that takes time to learn also. Just like drawing and painting, it takes a lot of time and dedication to be able to get the perfect product.