Sunday, October 30, 2016

Interview with a Photography Teacher

Q: What was your first camera?

A: My first camera was a 35mm film

Q: What got you into photography?

A: When I was younger my grandfather would take pictures of my siblings and I every year on Christmas, I remember running down the stares to just a bright flash because he was taking the pictures.

Q: How long have you been into photography?

A: I would say about 7th or 8th grade

Q: What camera would you recommend to a beginner?

A: A Canon Rebel would be fine

Q: What advice would you give a beginner?

A: Take your time, don't rush your photos

Thursday, October 13, 2016

What I Learned...

     What I learned in my photography class was how to make double negative photography. First I went out to get my pictures, I brought both of them into Adobe Photoshop. I took my main photo and went to levels so I could change the lighting of the photo. Then I selected my image and then inverse it so it selected the outside. After that I refine all of the edges to make them more smooth and then I created a new layer and filled it with grey. Then I went back to my second image, the one that I want to merge with my first one. I selected the portion I wanted inside the original photo, copied it, and then paste special into the main image. Then I got my double negative photo. It may seem complicated but it takes time to learn how to perfect any projects you may have. Sometimes even if it doesn't seem perfect to you, it does to someone else. Photography is a beautiful thing that everyone should appreciate. Taking a photography class is a really helpful thing for me because not only do I get to learn about it but I get to experience it. Double negative photography is interesting because of how the final photo turns out. Seeing two photos that you have taken being merged into one is pretty neat.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Adventures of Cammie the camera and Tristan the tripod

     One day Cammie the camera was sitting on her deck looking into the distance wondering if she could ever get out of her house. She has always been stuck in her camera case that she calls a home. It's very roomy but sometimes she gets lonely and just wants to go outside and make friends. It was early morning when Cammie decided she wanted to take a huge step in her life. This was the day she would get over her fear of the outside world. She started off her morning with a nutritional breakfast so she would be energized for her new adventure. She worked up the courage to open the door and step out into the blazing hot sun. Cammie was overwhelmed with joy, she had finally gone outside. She walked around the town taking pictures of everything she could. Cammie was feeling alone so she decided to try and make new friends. She tried talking to as much people as she could but no one wanted to be her friend. She was walking in the park as she came across a lovely tripod. "
     "Hi, I'm Cammie" she says shyly looking towards the ground. "I'm Tristan, nice to meet you". Cammie was excited, she had made a new friend. She asked Tristan if he wanted to go walk around and help her take pictures, Tristan agreed happily. Cammie and Tristan came across a small pond and Cammie fell in love with it. "It's so cute and small, isn't it?". He looked at Cammie as she was admiring the pond, love and adoration in his eyes as he said yes. An idea popped into Tristan's head, he told Cammie to wait there as he went and put his plan together. Tristan rented a swan boat so he could take Cammie out on the pond. When he told Cammie about his plan she jumped with joy, she had never been on a boat before. Once they were on the boat Tristan told Cammie his feelings for her, she once again got shy and looked at the ground. She responded quietly "I like you too". Tristan was ecstatic, "I know our time together has been short but I was wondering if you would be the camera to my tripod?". Cammie looked into his eyes and thought for a minute ,"I'd love to!". Then they started to plan their wedding.
     Cammie and Tristan decided to have their wedding in the park where they met, right under the big willow tree. Cammie was in a beautiful white wedding dress, and Tristan in a black suit and tie. Cammie and Tristan said their vows and handed over the rings, they were both joyful. As a wedding gift, Tristan got her a new camera lens, the one she wanted most. "I love it so much!! it's exactly what I wanted". She tried on her new lens and it fit perfectly, she was finally happy. Tristan and Cammie were the perfect match and everyone knew it. Tristan finally got his dream camera, and Cammie got the love of her life.
                                                  They Lived Happily Ever After

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Passion Blog

     To me, photography isn't just a hobby, its a passion. Being able to pick up a camera and take photos of whatever you want is the best feeling in the world. It's a form of self expression that should be shared with many people. Not everybody appreciates the busy and the destruction that comes with photography. To be able to appreciate photography, one needs to have an open imagination. Without photography people wouldn't be able to see whats happening around the world. People wouldn't be able to remember the past. Being able to take photos is a way to remember the past and enjoy the present. Photography is a great way to keep in touch with friends, family or even your peers. Everyone is a photographer, even if they don't think so. In 2015 alone, approximately one trillion photos have been taken around the globe. Photography brings people together and I think it's a great thing, I think if everyone took the time to appreciate photography then the world would be an even more beautiful place.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Photography Joke

What's the difference between a professional photographer and a large Costco pizza?

A large Costco pizza can feed a family of four

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