Thursday, September 29, 2016

**Response to the Native Americans Protesting the North Dakota Pipeline

      Photography is a powerful subject that can bring attention to many things. Native Americans in North Dakota are protesting to not have a pipeline go through their land. They are scared that the pipe could possibly threaten the water source and pollute the surroundings. Native American have been protesting since April of 2016. The protest calmed down for a few months until private security was caught on tape. The protest then started acting up again. The company that is trying to make the pipeline happen states that "The pipeline will create 12,000 jobs and generate over 120 million dollars in property and income taxes every year". Sampson DeCrane of Mountain Crow says that "If you get all Native people together on one issue, we will be unstoppable". Native Americans who are protesting are making an amazing difference. It shows that they will not give up and that they deserve to have their voices heard. The movement inst only taking place in North Dakota, but also online. The Idle No More movement is a a peaceful protest that is heading south to North Dakota. Idle No More is the new topic that has caught the medias eye. The movement has brought together many people to battle against governmental policy that may impact collective rights, safety nets, and environmental protection. The link to the article shows how the photos really impact people and society. Native Americans fighting for their land or collective rights deserve to have their voices heard. These photos can show their voices, it is a peaceful protest and the media is blowing it out of proportion. Join the movement, have your voice be heard.

Friday, September 23, 2016

     Photography is a visual art that has been shared all around the world throughout many years. A topic I will be focusing on quite a bit will be the history of photography. I will start with the very first photograph taken by Joseph Niepce in France, 1826 through 1827. The history of photography dates back to almost 200 years. This link is helpful because it talks about Niepce's invention and how it all came to be.
     I'll also focus on how a camera works. I will be talking about Kodak Brownie Boxes all the way to a Canon t5i. Kodak Brownie Boxes are a box like camera that was developed in the mid-1800's. Ill also talk about many cameras over the course of the years that have been manufactured.  The Kodak Brownie Box link is very helpful because it explains a lot about the merchandise and a person can actually click on the buy and cell button which will take them to E-bay so they can purchase or auction. The Canon link explains more about the camera itself but it is very helpful for anyone who would like to know about the camera. 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

**My first blog post

     I chose photography as my topic because it is an art that should be shared around the world. I started photography as a class my freshman year of high school and continued throughout my 4 years. I took my first photo when I was 4 on my moms digital camera that was a Sony Cyber shot. My second camera was a Canon Rebel t5i that I got for one of my birthdays. I go out and shoot all of the time even when it's raining. I also chose photography because it's a way to express how I'm feeling.
     With my blog I hope to include everything about photography. From the very beginning of the history of photography to the new cameras that are in the latest smart phones. I will include the first photograph taken by Joseph Niepce and the process he used to accomplish it. Ill talk about the latest Iphone and the 21-megapixel DSLR and how advanced technology is.

     For my blog I hope to accomplish many things. I want people to be able to be educated about the many different aspects of photography. I want people to be able to use my blog as a source of information. I also hope that people could just have fun reading my blog.